access controlled P gate

controlled and convenient entry solutions for disabled


Optical turnstile is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually used of high pedestrian traffic flow in both directions. The body is made from brushed stainless steel which creates a seamless and elegant access point to blend into most indoor environment. It can be integrated with any kind of access controller system (e.g.: RFID device, Push button, Fingerprint and Biometric device). In case of emergency, the Optical Turnstile arm will open automatically to allow free passage. Optical Turnstiles are suit for elegant and luxury entrance solutions.


  • Adaptable design
  • Ideal addition to tripod turnstiles, half-height turnstiles and speed barriers
  • Attractive, delicate stainless steel and glass elements
  • Permits barrier-free access
  • Comfortable passage thanks to servo drive
  • Smooth and silent running performance
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Suitable for use in emergency and escape routes



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