access controlled revolving door/security turnstile

controlled and convenient entry solutions for pedestrians


Security revolving doors secure protected areas of a building against unauthorised entry and offer a variety of options for different levels of security. They can be controlled by a card reader, buttons, control desk or even by biometric identification systems. The wide and varied selection of optional extras includes reinforced bullet-proof and burglar resistant versions, as well as special sliding doors. The range also includes STS security turnstiles, suitable for application in medium-security environments. Barrier-free access can also be provided by the arrangement of hinge doors or sliding doors at the side.


  • People cannot become trapped, thanks to end point locking
  • Personal security is provided in compliance with DIN 18650/EN 16005
  • Supplied as standard with sensors in the ceiling
  • Security-relevant options:
    • Column approved for use in emergency and escape
    • Horizontal installation, weight limits or actual weight
    • Enhanced singling out of persons, thanks to optical sensors
    • Closed from the outside, thanks to additional night-time closure



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